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WUJS' Open Letter: 100 Days Since October 7th 2023 Terror Attack

Dear Secretary-General Antonio Guterres, The Red Cross, UN Women, IHRC, ICJ & WHO,

I write as president of the World Union of Jewish Students to express our deep concern about the fate of the hostages being held by HAMAS in Gaza.

Today marks the 100th day since HAMAS' brutal terrorist attack against Israel, the 7th of October 2023. The lives of Jewish people worldwide will never be the same. The atrocities carried out by HAMAS terrorists comprised of the massacre of over 1200 individuals, the use of sexual violence as a war tactic and the kidnapping of over 240 hostages.

Despite the welcome release of hostages during the temporary ceasefire, more than 130 hostages remain captive in Gaza today, which is believed to include around 100 men, 20 women, two children under the age of 5 and 10 individuals over the age of 75.

HAMAS' actions not only exhibit vehement antisemitism, but also constitute a crime against humanity. Beyond the numbers, it's crucial to recognise that these hostages are not just names on a list: they are lives akin to our own. Among the hostages are university students, individuals our age - this could have been any ofe of us.

This is not a distant conflict in which our country has the luxury to remain uninvolved, rather, it is a war that has a dricet impact on our religion, identity, and our daily lives. The ongoing conflict has notably affected the safety of jewish students on campus, creating an environment of heightened fear. Vulnerability and extremism in all its forms.

We, as WUJS, urge for the recognition of HAMAS as a terrorist organisation and a collective effort to secure the release of the hostages. We appeal to your support in acknowledging the gravity of the situation and its direct implications on our community. It is not just a matter of international affairs; it is a matter of deeply intertwined with the safety and well-being of Jewish students on our campuses.

Together, let us advocate for the safe return of the hostages with the same urgency and dedivation that we would if they were our own. They are our own.

Your with unwavering solidarity,

Yana Naftalieva


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