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Open Letter to the President of Columbia University, Mrs. Nemat (Minouche) Shafik

Dear President Shafik,

The World Union of Jewish Students and its member unions write to you with the utmost concern. We are deeply troubled by the recent events on your campus which, regrettably, have allowed hatred and antisemitism to fester in what should be a safe educational shelter.

Columbia University must take decisive action to restore order and ensure the safety of all students, particularly the Jewish community. The disturbing reports of antisemitic attacks and chants during the ongoing protests are unacceptable and must be addressed promptly and with the full force of administrative and legal measures. 

Calls for globalizing the intifada and burning Tel Aviv down to the ground have nothing to do with peaceful protests. These protests have become vehicles for heinous antisemitism.

Moreover, the decision to revoke campus access to Jewish Professor Shai Davidai while allowing other faculty members who are also under investigation for violating University standards of conduct to enter campus is alarming and highlights a double-standard in the University’s enforcement of its rules. We urge you to reconsider this division and evenly enforce all University rules, procedures, and standards of conduct.

The administration's negligence to protect Jewish students not only jeopardizes their safety but also sets a dangerous precedent that risks normalizing such unrest across campuses worldwide. This growing threat underscores the urgent need for Columbia University to lead by example with firm actions and unambiguous condemnation of these events.

Failure to act decisively risks not only the welfare of your students but also the reputation of Columbia University as one of the elite institutions for learning and inclusivity. Your immediate action is critical. 

Not responding appropriately signals an acceptance of failing your Jewish students, allowing a culture of fear and hostility to prevail. We call on you to take our concerns to heart and act swiftly to address this grave situation.


Yana Naftalieva,

President of WUJS

(This letter is supported and co-signed by 30 national Jewish student unions)


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