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WUJS Elects New President and the Board:

At the 49th WUJS Congress national student unions democratically elected a new leadership. From February 2023 the new president of WUJS is Yana Naftalieva. Here is Yana’s opening letter to the WUJS community: 

“I can’t wait for the amazing journey that we will experience together. I’m pretty sure that the next two years are gonna be exciting for jewish students across the globe. And I will be honored to lead WUJS during these times. After being a Jewish student in the diaspora during my bachelor degree and in Israel during my masters it would be a dream to represent jewish students and address their needs. I am ready to advocate for Jewish students and ensure that the voices of the young generation of Jewish leaders are heard at the major institutions throughout the world. YallaWUJS!”

Alongside with the new president, 11 board members and a treasurer were elected this year:


  • Vittoria Bublil (Italy)

  • Shilat Cohen (Israel)

  • Alejandro Eisen (Chile)

  • Paris Enten (Australia)

  • Dina Mouyal (Spain)

  • Judith Offenberg (UK)

  • Youval Ouaknine (France)

  • Joshua Pimstein (South Africa)

  • Nati Pressmann (Canada)

  • Tamara Spraragen (Germany)

You can read more about the new WUJS leadership here:


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