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WUJS Elects New Leadership

The 2019 World Union of Jewish Congress, its 46th edition, saw Jewish Student Unions from across 40 countries gather in Jerusalem, for a week of sessions, workshops, late debates and talks, as well as the general assembly of the organization.

As opens up to a new decade of Jewish activism, WUJS is very proud to announce Jonathan Braun, is elected President of the World Union of Jewish Students. The elections were held at the WUJS Congress over New Year's Eve, just after a presidential debate of high quality, under the eyes and questions of hundred Jewish student leaders from all across the globe.

"I am honored and privileged to have been elected as President of WUJS – World Union of Jewish Students. For almost a century, our organization, led at its beginning by Albert Einstein, David Ben-Gurion and many others, always played a key role in leading and empowering Jewish student leaders and unions. I am committed to pursue this mission.
To our student leaders, I want to say that I am looking forward to support you for all the work you will do to strengthen your members. I am looking forward to shape together the future of our collaboration. I am looking forward to fight your fights and work by your side for our core values. Thank you for trusting me with the very important journey ahead of us." - Jonathan Braun.

Diving into the new year, a new board was elected, following up the update of the structure constitution. The board members, represent the values of different regions across the globe to provide WUJS with a sharp overview of the students needs.

• Esther Ujs Offenberg (UK)

• Benjamin Hess (Europe)

• Sheli Portman (Latin America)

• Noémie Madar (France)

• Shimshon Fisher (S. Africa)

• Gaby Davis (Australia)

• Yana Naftalieva (Russia)

• Caterina Cognini (Italy)

• Lara Masliah-Gilkarov (Austria)

• Yam Atir (Israel)

• Dany Levin Prist (Portugal)

"Awaiting us is a world full of challenges and opportunities. It is up to us to seize it and act strongly to ensure a strong, fierce, strengthening and empowering WUJS. A World Union of Jewish Students we are proud to be part of."


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