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WUJS Condemns Urban Outfitters Adolf Hitler T-Shirt

The hipster clothing retailer, Urban Outfitters, is selling t-shirts depicting Adolf Hilter wearing an American baseball cap as part of a line up of dictators titled the “World’s Most Dangerous Rap Group” on its website. Hitler is pictured alongside horrific leaders such as Muammar Gaddafi, Saddam Hussein, Kim Jong II and Idi Amin on the shirt that states “Dictators with an Attitude.”

WUJS condemns this poor taste and lack of judgement by Urban Outfitters. This t-shirt is extremely offensive and its branding should not be taken lightly. Dictators such as Adolf Hitler who murdered 6 million innocent Jews and Kim Jong II’s severe crimes against humanity such as the imprisonment of 200,000 political prisoners should not be made a mockery in the name of cheap fashion. This is not the first time Urban Outfitters has been questioned on the appropriateness of its branding. In October 2012, Urban Outfitters was criticized by the Human Rights Foundation group in New York for selling T-shirts with the image of Argentinian revolutionary leader Ernesto ‘Che’ Guevara. The organisation wrote to Urban Outfitters to complain that they were using a photo of ‘a brutal tyrant who suppressed individual freedom in Cuba and murdered those who challenged his worldview’. Furthermore, in April 2012, The Anti-Defamation League disapproved of the retailer for a shirt the Jewish group claims bears a symbol strikingly similar to the one used by Nazis to identify Jews during the Holocaust. The yellow t-shirt featured a blue six point star which is eerily reminiscent of the yellow badges that Jews were forced by the Nazis to wear during the Holocaust. WUJS recommends that its members do not drive internet traffic by visiting the Urban Outfitters website, but rather view print screens of the shirts provided by the Daily Mail on their newspage.


For further information contact or follow our facebook page ‘World Union of Jewish Students‘ or twitter feed ‘JewishStudents’.

The World Union of Jewish Students is the international umbrella organization for 48 national Jewish student unions from all over the world.


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