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WUJS Condemns Hungarian Member of Parliament after anti-Semitic Request

The World Union of Jewish Students (WUJS) calls upon the Hungarian government to take firmer action against Mr. Marton Gyongyosi a member of the National Assembly for the Jobbik Party. Mr. Gyongyosi has recently called upon the Hungarian government to draw up a list of Jews who pose ‘national security risks’.

The views of the Jobbik Party are well known and their attitudes and positions regarding Jews, Roma people and the LBGTQ community are well documented. This should not, however, stop the Hungarian government and the wider European community from speaking out against them and demanding action on their members.

The deaths of over half a million Hungarian Jews have not been forgotten by the Jewish Student community. Many young Jews today trace their heritage back to European centers such as Budapest and it is a travesty that those who survived the death camps and raised their children in the hope of a better world now have to witness such a rise in blatant anti-Semitism in Hungary.

The accusation of dual loyalty has long been thrown at the Jewish community. One of the most insulting and degrading methods of stirring anti-Semitic sentiments, the issue of dual loyalty is now being used by National Assembly members such as Mr. Gyongyosi to question the place of Jews in Hungarian society. WUJS condemns such a crude and baseless accusation against the Jewish community and calls for punitive measures against anyone voicing such absurd views in the political sphere.

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The World Union of Jewish Students is the international umbrella organization for 48 national Jewish student unions from all over the world.


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