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President Opening Statement : Jonathan Braun

Dear all, I am honored and privileged to have been elected as President of WUJS – World Union of Jewish Students. For almost a century, our organization, led at its beginning by Albert Einstein, David Ben-Gurion and many others, always played a key role in leading and empowering Jewish student leaders and unions. I am committed to pursue this mission. To our student leaders, I want to say that I am looking forward to support you for all the work you will do to strengthen your members. I am looking forward to shape together the future of our collaboration. I am looking forward to fight your fights and work by your side for our core values. Thank you for trusting me with the very important journey ahead of us. To our partners, I want to say thank you for following WUJS since 1924. Thank you for ensuring the longevity and continuity of Jewish student life all around the world through your support for our organization. Thank you for always standing by our side through good and bad times. I am looking forward to build together the numerous projects we will shape together. To everyone else, I want you to know that you should always feel comfortable reaching out to WUJS or myself. We will be proud to give back the support you have shown us through so many different channels.

Lastly, I want to thank Avigayil Beinstein, for the incredible work she has done to bring the organization to the growing position it is in today. WUJS was shaped on transmission from generation to generation and I will be always grateful. Fortunately, I will be surrounded by an experienced and enthusiastic board elected alongside me, to work around our 4 strategic streams: political activism, communications and media, partnerships and of course unions empowerment and leadership. Awaiting us is a world full of challenges and opportunities. It is up to us to seize it and act strongly to ensure a strong, fierce, strengthening and empowering WUJS. A World Union of Jewish Students we are proud to be part of. Sincerely, Jonathan Braun,



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