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October 7th 2023/ 22 Tishrey 5784

A date that will forever bring sorrow to our people, to our country. We woke up to the wail of sirens in the entire country.

We witnessed our brothers and sisters being murdered cold heartedly, kidnapped to Gaza and the entire country being targeted with a massive and previously unseen amount of rockets.

Now, more than ever, do we need to stand together in solidarity with our country, Israel.

Thousands of soldiers, among them reservists from Israel and abroad are deployed to fight in war.

Now, more than ever, do we need your support.

To donate an amount of your choice in Israeli Shekel (ILS) please click here, WUJS is a registered Israeli NGO, recognized by tax authorities for deductions. If you prefer to donate in US Dollars, you can click here. The money will be managed locally to buy necessary supplies on the ground in Israel.

Thank you.

Am Israel Chai


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