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New WUJS Board Elected at the 50th WUJS Congress in Prague

On January 1st, 2024, during the 50th WUJS Congress held in Prague, a new WUJS Board was democratically elected. This event marked a significant occasion, as 11 board members from various countries were chosen to represent their respective Jewish student organizations on a global level.

The new board members are:

  • Bruno Polevoj from ČUŽM (Czechia)

  • Chad Rayd from SAUJS (South Africa)

  • Flor Kaplun from FEJJLA (Latin America)

  • Hannah Sarkin from JYP (Portugal)

  • Jacobo Cohen from FEMEJJ (Mexico)

  • Joseph Zeleznikow from UGEI (Italy)

  • Michelle Brenner from EUJS (Europe)

  • Sam Kramer from UJS (United Kingdom)

  • Shilat Cohen from NUIS (Israel)

  • Youval Ouaknine from UEJF (France)

  • Zac Morris from AUJS (Australia)

These members represent a wide array of Jewish student communities, each bringing their own perspectives and experiences to the table. The new team will immediately set focus on addressing the needs and challenges of Jewish students worldwide, ranging from educational initiatives to advocacy against antisemitism and promoting Jewish identity.

The WUJS Team.


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