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Hope 4 Hanukkah

Hope 4 Hanukkah is the latest initiative to aid and assist the youth who have been living in range of rocket attacks in the South of Israel. The project is being run around the world by everyone who stands in solidarity with the people of Israel and is supported by the World Union of Jewish Students and the European Union of Jewish Students (EUJS) Through this initiative you can support Israeli children and easily donate toys and games by bringing them to one of the ‘meeting points’ being set up all around Europe and at WUJS offices in Jerusalem. When you don’t have toys to give, or are too far away from a drop off location, you can donate any amount of money online to a special fund which will be used to buy toys from Israeli companies. This is a project of the people for the people. Parents are doing their utmost to keep their children out of harms way and have no time to do Hanukkah shopping. The gifts, with a personal message from yourself if you want, will be delivered to the children of Southern Israel by young brave supporters based in Israel. This is your easy, accessible and powerful way to show your support, show that you care!


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