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Election Success at the World Jewish Congress Plenary

We are pleased to report on election successes for WUJS activists and alumni at this weeks World Jewish Congress Plenary Assembly.

For the first time in 8 years the World Union of Jewish Students has been chosen as one of the 3 organisations to hold a Vice Presidency of the Congress! Our Chair, Yos Tarshish, will hold this ex officio role until he ends his term at WUJS and hands on to his successor. We are very honoured that communities from around the world have supported us and we will proudly represent Jewish students in this important forum!

The following current and former WUJS Executive Members were elected (ad personam) to the WJC Executive Committee :

  • Current European Union of Jewish Students President - Benny Fischer;

  • Former South African Union of Jewish Students Chair - Marc Pozniak;

  • Former Canadian Jewish Students Network Chair and WUJS Vice President - Moshe Ronen.


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