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Code Red – Stop the Rockets

The south of Israel has come under increasing rocket fire in recent weeks. Over one million Israelis, in large urban centers such as Ashdod, Ashkelon and Be’er Sheva are now in range of rockets. Israel has, in turn, responded by targeting terrorist leaders, such as Ahmed Jabari, and missile factories across the Gaza Strip in a military operation called Pillar of Defense.

The civilian death toll on both sides is now mounting. Hamas are using Palestinians as human shields while raining rockets down on Israelis. 3 Israelis were killed in their apartment this morning after, it appears, failing to heed ‘Code Red’ warnings to evacuate to a safe room or bomb shelter.

Show your support for those living under constant ‘Code Red’ rocket attacks. Join the Australian Union of Jewish Students by sending them a photo of yourself wearing red for southern Israel. Stop the rockets. Contact:


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