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WUJS' Message on International Women's Day

As the World Union of Jewish Students, everyday and especially today, International Women’s Day, we continue to advocate for intersectional feminism, which should include all women without prejudice.

On October 7th, Hamas used women's bodies as weapons of war. The psychological and physical atrocities perpetrated are one of the worst mankind has seen. Feminist organisations were silent, or worse, questioned and justified the sexual violence and abuse committed by these terrorists; therefore failing women everywhere.

As more time passes, the testimonies of both survivors and recently rescued hostages from Gaza, reveal more about the sexual abuse they were subjected to. Yet, amidst this brutality, we were shocked by the questioning or deafening silence of feminist organizations.

We can not forget that there are still women being held by Hamas and their accomplices.

We call on feminist and humanitarian organisations to fulfill their mission and promise, to protect ALL WOMEN EVERYWHERE.

And while the world celebrates, there are 19 Israeli women kept hostages in Gaza for 5 months. We think about them every day and demand an immediate release.



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