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WUJS Board Member Experience : Dylan Stein

Being on the Board of the World Union of Jewish Students, unquestionably, has been one of the most important experiences within my years of Jewish student activism.

Prior to being elected to the WUJS Board, my experience of Jewish activism took on a disproportionally localized perspective. While it was particularly relevant for the work that was being done at the time, joining the team allowed me to listen to the experiences of Jewish student activism.

The extraordinary people I have met in my experience on the board, the skills I have gained, and the stories that have been shared are invaluable.

One of the major realizations I believe all board members can attest to is how similar many of our experiences in Jewish activism are. This is in terms of not only the personal journeys in which our involvement within our national and international organizations played a key role, but in the trials and challenges many of us face. These challenges are not exclusive to our activism, but in our universal experience as Jewish students.

Being a small part of the esteemed and lengthy history of an organization such as WUJS is ineffable privilege and one which I would encourage future generations of Jewish student activists to focus their energies and skills towards.

Ultimately my experience on the board can be simply described as one of the most exciting opportunities I have ever been given, even with the challenges we faced over the last 2 years!


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