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WUJS, AJC-ACCESS & New Voices launch “The Global Jewish Voice”

WUJS is delighted to announce that we shall be launching, together with our partners AJC-ACCESS and New Voices Magazine, a global Jewish blog/online paper. The site, called Global Jewish Voices, will be updated daily with the best of young Jewish writers from around the World.

The World Union of Jewish Students are seeking out aspiring Jewish writers to contribute to the blog. Contributions will be to deadlines, and will have to committ to writing every two weeks. Writers will recieve a $100 stipend per semester for their writing.

Read below for more details on the application process:

Dear Jewish Student Writers, we want to pay you!

The Global Jewish Voice, a new international hub for Jewish students around the world, is seeking writers to do some paid blogging!

As a blogger for The Global Jewish Voice, you will write one post every two weeks on a topic of your choosing related to your experience as a Jewish student. Posts will be 500 to 700 words, and will be edited by a student editor.

Bloggers will be asked to write for two semesters, and would earn a stipend of $100 per semester.

This blog seeks to create relevant, edgy, serious—or sometimes funny—content for a global Jewish student audience. The writing will include commentary on current events, reported news from campuses around the world and personal essay-style piece. Bloggers will raise, discuss and analyze serious issues of their choosing, and confront controversies.

To apply from the United States, please submit a cover letter, resume and two relevant writing samples (blog posts, articles or academic work) to New Voices Magazine Editor David A.M. Wilensky at by August 31, 2011.

To apply from outside the United States, please submit a cover letter, resume and two relevant writing samples (blog posts, articles or academic work) to WUJS Chairman Oliver Worth at by August 31, 2011.

The Global Jewish Voice is a joint project of AJC-ACCESS, WUJS and New Voices Magazine.

ACCESS: AJC’s New Generation Program empowers college students and young Jewish professionals to engage with today’s critical domestic and international issues. At the nexus between the Jewish community and the world, ACCESS reaches out to diplomats, opinion makers and young leaders of diverse religious and ethnic backgrounds.

The World Union of Jewish Students, based in Jerusalem, is the international umbrella organization for 49 national Jewish student unions. WUJS works to facilitate the work of those unions, and offer them a connection to the State of Israel. WUJS runs international programs focusing on Jewish identity, interfaith and political campaigning.

New Voices Magazine (est. 1991) is North America’s only independent magazine written and published by and for Jewish college students. Published by the Jewish Student Press Service (est. 1971), New Voices covers Jewish issues from a college student perspective. The organization also runs the annual National Jewish Student Journalism Conference, now in its 40th year.


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