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General Assembly 2022 & New Board - World Union of Jewish Students

On the 6th of March 2022, the World Union of Jewish Students convened its general assembly to elect the new Board Members : composed of 11 Vice Presidents who will represent the regions and unions from all across the globe in the WUJS leadership.

Over a hundred Jewish student leaders from North & Latin America, Europe, Africa, Australasia and Israel were present to shape the future of the World Union of Jewish Students and of the Jewish students worldwide.

The assembly had the chance to hear from the Israeli Minister of Diaspora - Nachman Shai, about the future of the Jewish youth, the current development of the situation in Ukraine and Russia, as well as the engagements of the Jewish state to support humanitarian aid.

Alongside the election, President Jonathan Braun shared his report of 2021, presenting what was done over the preceding 12 months, and the vision for 2022. The report, which was unanimously approved by the general assembly, is a mandatory element in the organization democratic system. Financial and legal reports were presented as well to be approved by the representatives of WUJS member unions.

The World Union of Jewish Students is proud and excited to welcome Alejandro Eisen (Chile), Alissa Foster (Australia), Caterina Cognini (Italy), Daria Goldenberg (Romania), Emilia Taran (Germany), Esther Offenberg, Eylon Arkind (Israel), Jamie-Lee Hack (South Africa), Ruben Thiar (France), Vanina Meyer (Switzerland), as its new Board.

" The leaders who have been elected today are so young yet so experienced, engaged and motivated for the future of the Jewish people and the International youth. They are smart activists, kind leaders, and I am eager to get to work with all of them for the benefit of our common future! " shared President Braun, following the elections.

Looking forward to an exciting and full of programming year, the World Union of Jewish Students wishes you a Pessah Sameach!


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